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Whether you’re looking for a Consumer Loan to help you purchase your new ŠKODA outright, or a Novated Lease through your salary package, the choice is yours.

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Consumer Loan

Elegantly simple, a Consumer Loan could be the perfect solution when you want to get on the road sooner rather than later.

Get behind the wheel sooner with a ŠKODA Financial Services Consumer Loan. With 100% finance for approved customers, there’s no waiting while you save for a deposit.

Your interest rate is fixed, so your repayments won’t go up, and you choose the term of your Loan. Plus, you can customise your repayment, with a deposit at the start or balloon payment at the end of your term.

Best of all, once your Loan is paid off, your ŠKODA is all yours.

Cover all your on-road costs, rego and insurance with 100% finance

Tailor your Loan for your financial situation

Choose your Loan term — from one to seven years

Use your ŠKODA as security on your Loan

Enjoy a competitive fixed interest rate

Save with no annual or account-keeping fees

Pay an initial deposit, or add a balloon payment at the end of your term to lower your regular repayments.

Salary packaging — Novated Leases

If you’re looking to make the most of a salary package, a Novated Lease can put a brand new Skoda in your driveway for less.

A ŠKODA Financial Services Novated Lease can be a great solution for employees and employers alike.

Employees can enjoy the thrill of a brand new ŠKODA as part of their salary package, and take advantage of potential tax benefits. And by including a ŠKODA in their recruitment offer, employers can better attract and retain quality staff.It’s easier to organise than you probably realise — and it could knock thousands of dollars off the total cost of your vehicle.

With a Novated Lease agreement, ŠKODA Financial Services owns the vehicle, with lease payments made by the employer from their employee’s pre-tax salary throughout the term of the Lease. If the employee changes workplace, they have to make their repayments themselves.

Once the Lease ends, the employee can choose to take a new Lease and upgrade to the latest model ŠKODA.

It’s easy, affordable — and smart.

Pay for your new ŠKODA from your before-tax salary

Enjoy terms from one to five

All your insurance, registration and on-road costs can be included in your finance — so there’s nothing for you to pay upfront out of your own pocket

No account-keeping fees or annual fees

As an employer, reward your best and brightest staff with a brand new ŠKODA, paid for from their before-tax salary.

Clever business finance

At ŠKODA, finance isn’t just about lending you money. We’ll also work with you to ensure your finance solution is tax effective and compatible with your cash flow — whether you want to claim the repayments or depreciation on your vehicle on your tax return, or reduce your regular repayments through an extra deposit or balloon/residual payment.

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  • Deposit
  • Residual or balloon payment at the end of the term
  • Tax-deductible repayments
  • Tax-deductible depreciation
  • Tax-deductible interest
  • GST is payable on the cost of the asset
  • GST is payable on the repayments
  • Finance Lease

  • Hire Purchase

  • Chattel Mortgage

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This is the best thing about the Choice program. At the end of your term, you can upgrade your vehicle by trading in your old one, so you can enjoy the latest and greatest that ŠKODA has to offer. Finance your new car with a new ŠKODA Choice contract and continue on your journey.


If you and your car have formed a special bond, you don’t have to say goodbye. You can simply purchase your vehicle outright for the Guaranteed Future Value^ you locked in at the beginning of your contract. Alternatively, we can help you refinance the outstanding amount with the intention of you keeping the vehicle at the end of that period.


If you want to return your vehicle at the end of the term, you can! Subject to your agreed kilometres and fair wear and tear guidelines, you can just take your vehicle to your ŠKODA dealership and we’ll pay you the Guaranteed Future Value^ amount. And if you find another ŠKODA that takes your fancy, that’s even better!

^ŠKODA Choice GFV program consists of an option to require SFS to purchase your vehicle at the end of your SFS finance loan for a pre-determined value. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer and may be varied or withdrawn at any time. Terms, conditions, fair wear & tear criteria, kilometre conditions, fees & charges apply. Fleet, government, rental buyers, hire car and chauffeur companies are excluded. Your rights under this warranty sit alongside the consumer guarantees under the Competition and Consumers Act 2010 which cannot be excluded. SFS** reserves the right to extend or change the offer. Standard fees and charges apply. Full conditions are available on application. **SFS is a trading name of ŠKODA Financial Services Australia Pty Limited ABN 20 097 071 460, Australian Credit Licence Number 389344.

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